Streamlined Billing Statements from FCH

Streamlined Billing Statements from FCH

We are happy to announce the return of our billing statements after a brief hiatus due to staffing transitions and procedural updates within our Patient Financial Services (PFS) department. Forks Community Hospital has recently partnered with HRG (Healthcare Resource Group) for patient statements for self-pay and after-insurance processing, as well as a more straightforward, more accessible form of online payment.

Click Here for Full Sized Sample Statement
We have also introduced enhanced online payment options on our website, making it more convenient to manage your accounts from the comfort of your home. The new statements include a QR code for even greater convenience, as displayed on the sample statement.
For a detailed breakdown of your charges, itemized statements are readily available upon request by contacting Patient Financial Services at (360) 374-4391.
It is important to note that HRG does issue follow-up calls about 45 days after you receive your statements. Remember, they will call from Olympia, Washington, or an out-of-the-area location on behalf of Forks Community Hospital and its clinics. This number (360) 915-5733, listed on the new statements, is where many calls originate. Should you feel uncomfortable making a payment over the phone, you can pay by clicking the “Pay Online” button at the top of this page.

We greatly value your patience and trust during this transition. As we continue to improve our services, we aim to deliver the most reliable and user-friendly patient financial experience in healthcare. For more information on billing processes, online payment options, request procedures for itemized statements, and to stay updated with our latest services, please visit the Patient Financial Services webpage.

Our commitment to transparency and accessibility is unwavering as we strive to serve you better every day.

If you have questions or concerns, please call
Patient Financial Services at (360) 374- 4391.

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