The hospital pharmacy provides medication and support to patients in the hospital, emergency department, clinics, and long-term care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Safety and quality are first priority when it comes to the medication needs of our patients.  Pharmacists work closely with many other health care professionals to make sure that the drug treatment is right for the right patient in the right dose by the right route at the right time.

We help make sure these “Five Rights” are followed:

  • The Right Patient is the one who is supposed to get the medicine
    The right patient is somebody’s grandma or their son or even they themselves
  • The Right Drug is the one the doctor ordered
    It is the right drug for that sickness or symptom, the best one to treat that problem and the most safe
  • The Right Dose is the amount of the right drug that is ideal for that person
    There are some drugs that even need to be specially ordered based on how much the person weighs, how tall they are, their age, kidney function, and even their sex! Yes, men and women are very different when it comes to some medications
  • The Right Route is the way the medicine gets to where it needs to be to treat an illness
    The right route is where it does the most good, or how fast it works
  • The Right Time is when and how often the medicine should be taken
    The right time is when the disease needs to be treated or the symptoms need to be helped or even when the cancer cells are best killed by the drug.
You can trust us for professional advice and help with medication safety.

Our highly trained clinical pharmacists have advanced, specialized training and certifications in disease-state management, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, anticoagulation therapy and immunizations.  Their expertise is in screening for potentially harmful drug interactions, monitoring medications and adjusting doses for personalized care.

Pharmacy Technicians use their expertise in drug purchasing to get the highest quality, most cost-effective drugs for our patients, not the “cheapest.”  They make sure that these products are exactly where the doctors and nurses need them to be in the hospital to get to you quickly.  And they work with other departments to access insurance accurately and timely.  They are a huge asset to the functioning of the hospital pharmacy!

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