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Check for Hepatitis C if necessary

This is the latest epidemic that we have to be concerned about and take action. If you received blood products before July, 1992, it is suggested that you see your health care provider and be checked to see if your blood indicates you received Hepatitis C. They say that over 4 million people in the U.S. are infected with Hepatitis C and that more people will die from that than from AIDS related deaths in the next 20 years. It affects the liver and fatalities will occur from cirrhosis and cancer. Comparatively less than 1 million people are estimated to be infected with HIV in the U.S. It is thought to be transmitted primarily from blood to blood as in receiving blood products, but has no doubt spread like wild fire because of blood contamination from paraphernalia used by intravenous drug users. As of late, they are claiming it may also be sexually transmitted so again safer, safer, safer is better.

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