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Routine and Cancer Screenings

Check with the suggested Cancer Screening programs to see if you keep on track and do you do the routine screenings. We should include a check for diabetes as well. Millions of people have diabetes and do not know it. In 1998 they moved the goal post. If your blood sugar is now 126 that receives a diabetes diagnosis. It used to be 140. The earlier one finds out the better as again there is a lot we can do for ourselves and that is each individual's journey.

Cancer Screening

Breast (Mammogram)

  • Baseline at 35 yrs.
  • 30 to 40, every 2 yrs.
  • Menopause to 75, every yr.
  • MONTHLY: Self Breast Exams

Cervix (Pap test & pelvic exam)

  • 17 yrs. To menopause, every year
  • Menopause to 65, Pap every 3
  • Menopause to 65, Exam every yr.


  • Every year 18 years & over a digital or rectal exam
  • 50 years & over, Sigmoidoscopy (scope views large intestines) every 3 to 5 years or greater, as recommended by the M.D.
  • Hemoccult (stool blood test) every year

Prostate (Digital Exam)

  • 50 years & over, every year
  • Younger if recommended by health care provider based on history, etc.

Routine Screening

Hematocrit & Urinalysis

  • A test between 9 & 24 months
  • A test between 4 & 6 years
  • A test between 12 & 18 years
  • Every 3 years from 18 and over


  • Every 5 years when 18 years & over


  • Consult with your health care provider regarding when and frequency

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