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March 25th, 2014


Present: Commissioners Daisy Anderson, Gerry Lane, Don Lawley, Jim Chaney (Acting CEO/CFO)


Guests: Sarah Huling, Debbie Perkins, Pam Brown, Kelly Keys & Kim Hull.

The meeting was called to order at 5:03pm by Daisy Anderson.

Community Communications:

Community Advisory Board: Meeting Minutes from March 11th, 2014 were reviewed.


Medical Staff: Medical Staff Committee Minutes from March 12th, 2014 were reviewed.

ACTION: It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the Medical Staff meeting minutes.


Medical Staff Privileges: Reviewed request for privileges as presented for Benjamin Pisciotta, MD.


ACTION: It was moved, seconded and passed to approve re-appointment of privileges for Benjamin Pisciotta, MD.


Performance/Quality Improvement: Meeting Minutes from March 17th, 2014 were reviewed.

ACTION: It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the PIC meeting minutes.


Minutes: Board of Commissioner’s Meeting Minutes for February 25th, 2014 were reviewed.


ACTION: It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes for February 25th, 2014.

Managers Forum Meeting Minutes from March 4th, 2014 were reviewed.


· Safety Committee Meeting Minutes from February 18th, 2014 were reviewed.

· OB Committee Meeting Minutes from February 20th, 2014 were reviewed.




ACTION: It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the February 2014 General A/P vouchers numbered 079903 through 080275 in the amount of $1,022,014.42 and the General P/R vouchers numbered 540968 through 541077 in the amount of $75,253.55.


ACTION: It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the Write Offs for                                                  March 2014 in the amount of $188,161.81.

Administrators Report:

Jim Chaney submitted report topics to include:


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT UPDATE: We have had two project design meetings in March, one in person and one web ex meeting with the architects. We have continued review of the floor plan and made minor modifications.  We have also reviewed the site plan with discussions around the patient drop off and traffic flow adding an additional entrance on Bogachiel Way at the opposite end of the parking lot to promote a counter clockwise traffic flow. We also shared with NAC that none of the canopy designs proposed were acceptable and that they needed to come back with new canopy designs.  If updated plans and designs have been provided by the time of our commission meeting, they will be shared. The current time line calls for the bidding period to take place is from May 23rd to June 19th.


Jim has continued to work with Coastal Savings Bank on a financing proposal to compare with initial proposals received from First Federal and Cashmere Valley Bank.

B.E. SMITH CEO RECRUITMENT AGREEMENT: Craig Miller provided the first draft of a breach of contract letter to B.E. Smith regarding the McMillan recruitment. I told him the letter was not forceful enough regarding the breach of contract issue and requirement for a refund. He is redrafting the letter and we should have it available for your review in executive session.


PROVIDER RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION: Dr. Reveron, Donna West and Kelly Keys continue to build their practices with Donna West seeing patients at both Bogachiel and Clallam Bay Medical Clinic. During January, Dr. Reveron cared for 178 clinic patients in 14 days. Donna West cared for 92 patients at Bogachiel Clinic over 7 days and 38 patients in 4 days at Clallam Bay during February.  Kelly Keys began seeing patients February 20th and cared for 50 patients in 6 days.


Dr. Dickson has shared that he currently plans to retire in June 2015.

Dr. John Jackson FP/OB candidate has rescheduled his site visit to Forks for April 4th and 5th. He is currently doing locums work in Gold Beach, OR. He will be required to give a 60 day notice at his current position if selected.  Our understanding is that he is currently working to obtain his Washington License which he held in the past when doing a Surgical Obstetrics Fellowship in Spokane.

Jim will be talking with Dr. Matheny about OB Call Coverage and clinic days beginning in June.  Also, Dr. Stewart, who was here last year as a locums physician, has expressed interest in coming back to do call coverage as an independent contract physician, similar to our arrangement with Dr. Matheny.


Dan has done some additional follow-up with Jonas Merrill, PA-C, regarding Dr. Paul Woodruff.  He is the medical student, who shadowed Dr. Dightman and is an avid fly fisherman with possible interest in the area.  He is completing his internship this year and has two years of residency to complete after this year.  Dan will set up a line of communication with Dr. Woodruff to pursue interest in a future practice in Forks.

DNV ACCREDITATION UPDATE : Heidi submitted our DNV Progress Report on March 21st.

MEDICAL QUALITY REVIEW INVESTIGATION BY DOH: Phone conversations were held in February between our attorney and our providers. The information requested by DOH was submitted via our attorney. We are now awaiting a formal response from the DOH Medical Quality Review Board.  We received no further update in March and have been told it may take up to six months.

2011 - 2012 STATE AUDIT: The final audit report and management letter were released yesterday. The final report was included in your financial reports distributes electronically yesterday and had no findings. . The Management Letter and Exit Items were emailed to you on March 14th by Laci. The management letter item dealt with cash receipting controls in the cafeteria which we will address. We received a call yesterday from Paul Gottlieb of the Peninsula Daily News asking about the Management Letter comment and our plan of correction and today we are in the newspaper.


HEIDI OUT ON FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACT: Heidi will be out on family medical leave from March 22nd through May 4th. Melene Bourm, Surgery Supervisor, will be assisting me in Heidi’s absence on nursing issues.


CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER POSITION: The only letter of interest received to date is from Dr. Gary Harmon. Jim has contacted some other hospitals our size in the WWRHC Collaborative group regarding additional job descriptions and time allocated to the position. I also plan to talk to Dr. Flowers about this position and his level of interest and availability after bringing his sailboat home from Hawaii this summer.


CLALLAM COUNTY CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY/MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM ADVISORY BOARD: This board was established by the county commissioners in June 2006, they advise the Board of Commissioners on implementation and future funding from the1/10th of 1 percent sales tax authorized by the Hargrove Bill. John Beitzel, OMC Hospital Commissioner, the current Hospital District(s) representative has tendered his resignation. The county commissioners are asking the hospital districts to reach a consensus recommendation for an appointment.  If consensus cannot be reached, then each hospital district may submit their choice to the Board of Commissioners who will determine the appointment. Do any of you have interest in this position?  The county commissioners want to be advised of our selection by March 28th.  Eric Lewis at OMC said he is willing to fill the position from his board of commissioners if no one from our board is interested.


o Don Lawley expressed interest in appointment of the Clallam County Chemical Dependency/Mental Health program advisory board

WEOS UPDATE: Today a memo was sent out, announcing the appointment of Peter Merrill to the Associate Director of WEOS role and that he would be taking on this role in addition to his current role as a mental health specialist. Peter, Pam and Jim all met regarding this and Pam is on board with Peter assisting in the operational and personnel management as well as strategic planning for our behavioral health services.


DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY PROJECT UPDATE:         We have submitted all of the requested information to the Murdock Charitable Trust for payment of the $130,000 grant and have received verification of their receipt of our paperwork.  We have been informed that we should receive payment from Murdock at the end of April.  The equipment orders have all been placed and the new digital mammography unit is scheduled for installation and testing the week of April 7th through April 11th.  We will be doing technician Application Training the week of April 14th through April 18th and doing our first patient procedure that week. Total project costs will be just under $302,000 with grants and current contributions totaling $200,000. We will ask West Jefferson Hospital District at their next meeting in May for an additional contribution and we have applied to First Federal for an additional contribution.


NURSING HOME PRO SHARE FINAL SETTLEMENT: We have received a request for payment for the Nursing Home Pro Share Final Settlement 2010 in the amount of $22,334.00. Jim has asked our cost report preparer to verify the Health Care Authority calculation.



REFERENCE LAB CONTRACTING JOINT PROPOSAL THROUGH WWRHCC: Eight hospital labs are looking to contract with one lab for sending out work. Two finalists are Qwest Labs and Pac Lab (Providence). We currently use Qwest. Potential savings all hospitals is $750,000.00, Forks is $125,000.000


Finance: Jim Chaney presented the February 2014 finance report, which was reviewed and




Board Calendar: Special Beacon Development Board Meeting scheduled for April 9th, 2014 at 3:00pm in the Hospital Conference Room.

Additional Agenda Items:

o Capital Equipment requests for New Digital Mammography Machine to replace old analog, Digital Mammography – 5 Megapixel monitors for Radiologist Reading view station , Digital Mammography – DR Systems PACS upgrade and Care stream Film Printer for Digital Mammography were presented.

ACTION: It was moved, seconded and passed  to approve Capital Equipment requests for New Digital Mammography Machine to replace old analog, Digital Mammography – 5 Megapixel monitors for Radiologist Reading view station , Digital Mammography – DR Systems PACS upgrade and Care Stream Film Printer for Digital Mammography not to exceed $300,000.

o The Board has requested the “Old Bogachiel Clinic” building be renamed now that it holds two departments. Laci presented the idea to Employee Council and it was decided to involve all employees in the renaming of the building. Tracy sent out a flyer and asked anyone to submit their ideas to Administrator and the top three ideas would be presented to the Board for the final decision. The name of the building will be presented on the May Birthday cake. Also, the person who submitted the winning name will win a dinner for two at any local restaurant.

ACTION: It was moved, seconded and passed to approve Administration to purchase a dinner for two excluding alcohol at any local restaurant not to exceed $50.00, to the employee who submitted the chosen name of the “Old Bogachiel Clinic.”

Executive Session: RCW 42.30.110 (1) (f) Time in 6:24pm Time Out 7:20pm


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm.



The next Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for April 22nd, 2014 at 5:00pm.

Minutes recorded by Laci Johnson, Executive Specialist.




Don Lawley, Secretary


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